Video embed test

2008-04-22 05:31:54 by WolfAkela

What better video embed test to use other than this?

/* */


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2008-04-22 05:33:48

I can think of a few, haha, it works though.


2008-06-07 05:57:00

Ultra Cool wolf game update please?

I know you paused production for a while, is it still paused?

WolfAkela responds:

Sadly, yes. In fact, college is robbing me even time for myself. >_< I still have the drafts though, but totally paused right now (as well as other projects). I was supposed to continue on it by April, but I had summer classes. It was really awful, I'm so glad I got a flat passing grade.

Thanks for the concern though. I appreciate it.


2008-06-14 06:46:44

A music video or a funny pic?


2008-06-17 09:32:38

Damnn Surely you must be out for summer soon?