Entry #1

First post.

2007-07-18 02:53:08 by WolfAkela

Probably like everbody else, I'm posting my first news... umm... post. As usual I tried visiting NG BBS - Flash (I had it button'd on my Firefox), left it to load while I read something else on another tab. At first, I wondered where that "crackling" noise was coming from. Turns out, NG's finally having it's big update.

Everything is shinier and prettier now, and the functionality improved thanks to AJAX. I'm still wondering whether Tom did fix the PM system by displaying whether or not you received a new PM, so PM away. ;P

edit: For some reason, my avatar disappeared. Someone must've stolen it. D:<


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2007-08-09 00:31:43

Hi kababayam!! Were u from the Philippines dude??

WolfAkela responds:

Hi there! Well, unfortunately taga Luzon ako, magkalayo tayo hehe.


2007-08-17 21:16:03


WolfAkela responds:

wht is dis i dont even


2007-08-19 05:09:17

Galing mo a pano mo nalaman yun???


2007-09-02 08:10:33

Marami Pala Tayong mga PINOY dito!


2007-09-20 09:18:44

Poo poo pi pi poo pi poo pi


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