Been busy, continuing old project

2008-07-12 11:44:49 by WolfAkela

You might've been wondering what I was up to for a while (or maybe you didn't, LOL). Well, like usual, I've been very busy with college lately. I mean, REAL busy, we've had two hell weeks and we're just entering our first month of the sem. :/ Heck, one of our school projects right now is to create our own programming language using C! It scares me already. :S

Anyways, I've still been able to find time to continue my Flash. It's not the wolf game though, but my other Flash: Heaven Will Fall (tentative title), which is basically a game inspired by DMC. I started the project waaay back in 2006, got bored of it, then restarted from scratch again early 2008. I've spent so much to the game right now (a lot of it is tweaking to make it funner), but still, it's nowhere enough completion. I put it at 5% right now. I've got 3 weapons, 2 guns, several innate moves, menus, working status and style bars, one enemy and stuff. The first mission is practically "done", but no demo for now. How about a pic? ;)

Been busy, continuing old project


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2008-07-13 01:25:48

That looks pretty awesome, are you doing all the art and coding yourself ?

WolfAkela responds:

Thanks! :D Yeah, it's pretty much solo work. I *really* suck at textures and backgrounds though.


2008-07-13 11:14:53

You bastard. That looks really really really cool. But so did the wolf project :(


2008-07-15 13:30:27

looks cool