Wuff Bout

2007-10-18 04:47:03 by WolfAkela

Project Status: Temporarily ON HOLD (Editted as of: Jan 31, 2008 THU)

Due to the immeasurable amount of workload college is giving me, I cannot continue making the game for a good while. I spent my Christmas vacation doing projects, now I need to pass several difficult subjects plus some field research. I'm not sure I can do it around April either (summer vacation here), since I'll be taking summer classes to catch up.

One good thing about it though: because of this I spent a lot more time documenting the game on paper, so the problem of levelling stats is solved for me now. It won't be just click X button to raise stat (like in Stick RPG), but rather, you play mini-games. How well you do there will determine how much EXP you get. This is also great because that means high score tables are definitely in.

Another reason is the lack of motivation, as always. :/ I really need to get motivated.

So when can I continue working on this? Definitely not on February, and very likely most of March, so that means I *might* be able to start putting more work late March.

- Wolf Akela

====================================== ======================================

Last Updated: Nov. 22, 2007 (THU)
- New attack: Flip Escape (Back + Light Attack)
- Implemented Critical% and Faint% (aka Stun) for all attacks. "Faint" makes you or the enemy temporarily stunned (indicated by a "dizzy" icon), making it easy to do a back attack (does 1.5x damage). Critical Hits deal 2.5x more damage, has 3x knockback and increases the chance of inducing Faint by 2x (indicated by a red splash).
- Added an item that now actually works. It restores your HP gradually when used, ala-Diablo II.
- Reworked the coding again. Dumped all the initializers in a separate scene just to make things cleaner.
- There's now a red on the lifebar, which decreases gradually to match your lifebar. If that didn't make sense, just imagine the lifebars in fighting games.
- New animations: Faint
- I'm having a very difficult time finding a "cure" sound effect.
- All the older updates will be stored in a link below.

Priority Updates:
- More items
- More moves
- Item "cooldown", so you won't go spamming items.
- Item inventory. You can only carry up to a small amount of items. You gain slots by raising you Pack Rank.
- Skills (buffs). I'll likely do the ATK+, DEF+, Faint%+ and Critical%+ and Item Cooldown Speed+ and Effect+. Darn, I'm excited to do this, lol.
- Player faint and critical, because so far the only the enemy can get stunned. Plus, some sort of "mashing" here to get out of Faint faster.

So this is the next game I'm working on, since I decided it would be the easiest one to code, and that I wouldn't have to worry about duplication or angles much.

It'll be a wolf sim game, where you have to work your way from being the bottom of the pack (Omega) to the top (Alpha). I'm currently working on the fighting. Well, so far, I've only done several animations, but I'm adding more as we speak. Also did basic AI for the enemy. Yeah, I just tinted him red. :P I'll draw them later.

I hope to make this a fun game. Well, gotta get working!

Gameplay Video
Better recording! :) But I forgot to show the items! :(

(I really think I need to draw a unique enemy now >_>)

Updates Log
(I was too lazy to reinstall an HTML generator, so yeah. >_>)


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2007-10-18 12:23:52

Looks pretty kickass :), good luck :D!

WolfAkela responds:

Thanks. :D


2007-11-17 10:26:12

This has real potential :), the wolves are very nicely animated!

Keep it up, I look forward to seeing this in the portal ;).

WolfAkela responds:

Thank you. ^^; I love the animation part.

I'll try to ask a friend sometime to record a vid of the game being played, since recording lags on my computer.


2007-11-21 08:00:20

Lol you rated 5 on your own youtube vid.

WolfAkela responds:

Lol, no, you can't rate your own vids.

If you did it, well, thanks. XD


2007-11-23 11:28:42

Haha, just after I comment'd I realised I already had before xP.

Oh well, more compliments is a good thing ^_^ (More constructive too imo xP).

Again, good luck and keep it up :D!

WolfAkela responds:

Lol, now that you mention it I only noticed it just now. O_O

Thanks. Good luck on your Ninja game as well. ^^


2007-12-02 10:29:58

Screenshot looks good. Let us know when it's done. :-)

WolfAkela responds:

Sure will. :)


2007-12-06 07:22:52

that looks great :D
btw what screen recorder are you using? Ppl tell that CamStudio 2.5 is really good (and free), tho I can't say that because Vista isn't so friendly with it :(

WolfAkela responds:

Thanks! I used CamStudio, but I think it's the older I accidentally downloaded, because I remember being able to record vids without looking grainy.

Don't know about Vista though, I don't have one and I'm not switching to it unless a service pack is released that fixes a lot of problems with it. Just install XP for now. It's loads better.


2007-12-25 07:49:38

You like wolves huh?

Anyway it looks amazing


2007-12-26 09:50:20

The wolf animations look fantastic... but seriously you need to draw backgrounds or at least get someone else to do them. I think having photos detracts so much from the fantastic animations... When are you planning to release the game?

I might be able to do some for you after ive finished my current game.... depends how many you would want though :)


2007-12-30 12:51:35

This definitely looks interesting.

I have a few friends who are complete wolf-nuts and I'll let them check this out as well, I'm sure they'll like it. :D

Again, it looks great. Looking forward to this!

- NT.

WolfAkela responds:

Thanks, though production is on temporary hold, given all the stuff I have to do for school, and the lack of ideas for the whole game itself. >_<

And lol, if you're wondering, this isn't the DMC-ish Flash game I was talking about. XD I was just experimenting on coding until it expanded and expanded, lol.

Looking forward to your future Audio portal submissions. I listened to many of them and I loved it. :D


2007-12-31 13:30:57

Well, it looks awesome so far.
Good luck!


2008-01-22 13:45:19

Thanx for faving my sub!!